Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Grrr , it's this my right decision ? let her go ? ARGH ! aku pening lahhh . Weyh x de sape kew yg boleh paham aku ? I let her go with a reason . PERSONAL THING . maaf sayang . i think im not a guy that you ever dream . Aku bodo . Aku bodo . Aku bodo . Aku bodo . pahal kaw bangang sgt DIDI ! pahal ! she is most beautiful girl that you ever have . why you must let her go . catch her back . that all ! Dont be silly DIDI ! grrr , i dont what to do now . ARGHHH ! DECEMBER IS HORRIBLE DAY EVER ! aku cume perlu single . dan aku tak nak saked kan ati sesiape . tolong paham .

    | Not in mood to update a blog . Ini saje yang bole aku update skrunk nie |

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